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Disclaimer: If you were looking for someone who is an artistic genius and can produce super amazing works while keeping a sane mind, please hit the back button on your browser now. If you were looking for a TF2 obsessed, gamer girl with a mad love for the Support classes of TF2 who is possibly mentally unstable, welcome home.

Add me on Steaaaaaaaaam, my profile name is belooooow. Anyway, digital art, SFM works occasionally, and fanfictions. That's all I do.

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Birds + NaNoWriMo

Sat Oct 18, 2014, 2:13 AM

Okay first things first. I rescued a bird with a broken wing today and now it's in a box in my house. I named him Popsprocket. 

Secondly (and more importantly), there's been some changes to my NaNoWriMo project. I'm sorry to those who were excited for Danger Zone (aka sequel to Resurrection) but that's no longer my NaNo project. I'm writing a fantasy novel of dragons due to my current Flight Rising madness. I will still be writing Danger Zone but just not over the course of November unless I have time. 


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Hyperion Girls - Concept by Rexcaliburr
Hyperion Girls - Concept
Just a small idea I had after playing Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Y'know these two girls, Nav and Sil? They're Vault Hunters, but I was thinking. What if they sided with Hyperion and Handsome Jack instead? How would they change?

Nav would probably go for a more 'Handsome Jack' kind of look with the coat and all, and Sil would probably take on a bit more of a Hyperion Engineer kind of style. 

Or vice versa, I don't know.
Handsome Jack by Rexcaliburr
Handsome Jack
A small fangirl spurt and obsession over Jack's dual-coloured eyes turned into this. In just two days, about 6 hours I believe, this happened. I am not sorry. Time to make more Borderlands portraits. 

This is Jack in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel, before he had his mask. Very handsome, don't you think?

Two days had passed since Axel had fled to BLU and he hadn't left. Outside was far too flooded for him to want to bother going back to RED. His teammates were probably worried sick about him and about to wage a war on BLU to their their Pyro back but he would rather not try wading back in that kind of water.

He had spent the night in the infirmary, just flopping onto one of the beds. Horst ignored him for most of the night, only waking him up once to ask what he was doing in one of the beds then telling him to at least take off his boots if he was going to sleep there.

For the rest of the night Horst didn't bother the Pyro, him falling asleep at his desk again. He was woken up by Schnaps sniffing at him and meowing loudly, insisting he feed her. Tired, he yawned and pushed himself into a sitting position, Schnap's wide eyes burning into him. He could tell she wanted food, from the hard, insistent stare she gave him.

"Bitte, I just vanted to vake up after seven," He yawned. The small digital clock on his desk read as barely half past six, but if Schnaps wanted food, he couldn't deny her, or she'd trash the office as revenge. Defeated, he pushed himself off the chair and dragged himself to the bag of food he stashed away in a cupboard that held only things for Schnaps. Namely toys, blankets, and bags of food.

Schnaps had jumped from the office desk to the shelf by the side of the wall, elegantly weaving her way through books and calanders and Horst's mug that had been sitting there for a couple days already. Her bright amber eyes watched with keen interest, her ears pricking as she heard the dry food clang into her bowl. Excited, she began her non-stop meowing, locking her eyes on the silver bowl that had her name engraved in it in gold. Oh boy, Horst spoiled that cat. He set the bowl before her on the shelf and let her eat in peace, bending down to pick her water bowl off the floor to wash it and give her fresh water.

While Schnaps ate he poured the water in the silver bowl away and filled it up again, placing it back on the floor where it usually was. He wandered back to his table and was about to sit down when he remembered that Axel was present. Maybe he'd go bother him. That seemed like a pretty good incentive, because the doctor found himself by the sleeping Pyro.

He would have done something fairly normal like just poke him till he woke up, but Schnaps's sudden appearance by his legs gave him and idea. He scooped the cat up into his arms and stroked her a bit, before tossing her right on top of the Pyro.

Her paws must have landed a bit hard because Axel was up in an instant, grabbing his side where the cat had landed on him. She sped out of the room immediately, and Axel shot Horst a death glare. "The fuck man?"

Horst shrugged innocently. "I vas bored."

"Bored?" Axel hissed. "You're such an asshole, doc. Seriously. You throw cats on people to wake them up?"

"Apparently so, Herr. And I'm zhe 'asshole' who's housing you for now. I could alvays send you out into zhe rain and you can go back to your base…"

Axel sighed, sitting up. "You win this time. But you're still an ass." He yawned, stretching himself before getting up. He flinched a bit as his bare feet touched the cold floor. Quickly he got used to it and was on his feet.

"Still raining?" What a dumb question, it was obvious from the office window and the sound of rain was still strong. Water levels from the night before had risen quite a bit, but the rain had slowed and the water didn't seem like it would rise anymore for the rest of the day.

"Herr, is your team missing you, by any chance?" Horst asked, looking at something outside the window. With the now-lighter rain the bridge was visible, and obviously something was happening down there.

Axel fit himself in the space between Horst and the windowsill, groaning when he saw Soldier marching over with Engineer. The Texan didn't look all too happy about being dragged over in the rain, but Soldier looked ready to murder someone. The two mercenaries of opposite teams could even hear the loud man yelling from upstairs.

"You scum sucking maggots!" Soldier yelled, flailing his shovel in the air. "You un-American idiots think you can just take our Pyro and get away with it? Nothing passes these eyes, you fleabags! I will burn this place to the ground! I will find our Pyro if it's the last thing I do! I will even blow myself up if it means getting our Pyro back!"

Engineer rolled his eyes. "Sol, I'm sure he's fine. I mean, he does know th' BLU doc and he seems like a nice fella so I don't think he's dyin' or nothin'. 'Sides, Py never really liked being in confined spaces much now did he?"

Axel gave an irritated sigh. "I should… I should probably go down to make sure Soldier doesn't blow this place apart. Sorry, he's a bit of an idiot himself, despite what he says about you guys." The Pyro left the office, the door swinging shut behind him.

Soldier was arguing with the BLU Sniper at the base entrance, both of them almost knee deep in rainwater.

"Move it maggot, or so help me I will crack your pathetic skull open!" Soldier threatened. Engineer was behind him, really hoping a fight wouldn't start between them.

Sniper sighed, casually leaning against the doorframe. He didn't even care if he was getting wet with the rainwater spraying in. "Look mate, if he came 'ere on his own he probably doesn't wanna see ya. Bugger off. Oi'm not interest in having ta fight ya."

Soldier pushed his face right up to the Sniper, getting an irritated hiss. "You will give us our Pyro back or you will be blown to bits!" Despite his threats, he didn't actually have his rocket launcher with him. Just the shovel. But he looked equally murderous and blood was going to spill if the Pyro didn't step in.

He nudged the Sniper aside. "Hi Sol."

"Pyro! There you are! Come quickly, we must destroy these BLUs for capturing you and apparently not doing any bodily harm to you!" Soldier yelled, scooping the man up and throwing him over his shoulder.

"Sol, put him down," Engineer snapped. "Y'know Py don't like being touched." Soldier wasn't listening obviously, so Axel kicked and thrashed, but the man's grasp was far too strong.

Irritated, he placed a palm flat on the American's back and let his hand spark with flames. Soldier yelped and let Axel go, the Pyro narrowing his eyes. "Don't. Touch. Me. God dammit Sol, our base is flooded. What am I supposed to do? Wait to drown?"

"Well, technically our base is flood too mate," Sniper chimed in. Axel sighed.

"I'm trying to prove a point here, Sniper."

The BLU shrugged and let Axel continue. "Look, I walked in here two days ago and no one's even paid attention to me. I'm not captured or anything. So run on back to RED or something."

Engineer gave Soldier an I told you so face. Droplets of water were still running down their helmets and soaking their shirts. Axel turned to leave, leaving Sniper to talk to them. Engineer pushed Soldier aside so he wouldn't screw things up further.

"Sorry bout that. Sol's a bit…"

Engineer didn't even have to finish. Sniper nodded. "Oi understand. It seems loike all Soldiers are th' damn same. Anyway, ain't loike me ta send ya back out into th' rain so yer welcome to stay if ya loike. Just… make sure he doesn't blow th' place up," he said, eyeing Soldier.

Engineer smiled at the hospitality. Well, wasn't that nice? BLU was offering to let them stay so they wouldn't have to go back out in the rain. The rest of the team would probably end up coming over later to find their team members but problems like that could wait.

Axel had quickly disappeared back up to Horst's office.

"Vell, how vas it?" Horst asked. He was back at his desk, idly combing Schnaps's fur while she sat in his lap comfortably, her paws tucked in under her chest.

"Engie and Soldier's staying over or something, I don't know. By the way, Soldier might just show up because of a burn I gave him for picking me up. Seven years and he still doesn't get that I don't like to be touched. Actually, he might not show up, because of his entire 'un-American' thing and if he does he'll probably make a lot of Nazi jokes so just lock him out or something," Axel said. He sat down, reaching out a hand to stroke Schnaps.

Her fur was incredibly smooth under his fingers, and his hand was maybe still warm from earlier, because Schnaps purred and pressed her head up against his palm. "She's really cute. Where did you get her?" The Pyro asked, scratching her chin.

"My wife Helga brought her home vhen I vas sick. Not sure vhere she vas found but she's grown very fond of me. She's a spoiled princess too." Horst combed his fingers through her thick, soft fur, getting a trill from the pale ginger cat.

"I've always been a dog person, but she's cute. When I was a boy I had this dog, not sure what breed he was, but he was damn cute. He died when I was thirteen, and I didn't get another dog till I got a girlfriend. My ex, really. We had this Samoyed or something, cute, white fluffy thing. Named her Rissie. My ex took her when we broke up and hopefully she's doing good. The dog, I mean."

Horst raised an eyebrow. "An ex, you say? You're not married now?"

Axel snorted at the question. "Nah, I don't have time for a wife or family, honestly. Parents don't care about my job, no siblings, can't be bothered with a girlfriend. I'm perfectly fine being single. Of course if Mann Co happens to hire some girl and she's interested in me I might take a shot," he laughed.

Ah, with Mann Co there wasn't time for a girlfriend. Long distance relationships weren't his thing either. Heck, relationships weren't his thing. His ex girlfriend, now that he thought about it, hadn't been very good. She came home drunk often, shouted at him randomly, and had lots of random mood swings. At least the few times they were happy were nice, and Rissie was always there.



"Get me fooooood."

"Christina, you're well capable of getting up to get food yourself. It's just in the kitchen."


Axel rolled his eyes. God dammit, Christina was being so whiny. The past few days she had been really touchy, her mood switching between extremely loving to whiny to super sensitive. Even Rissie, their Samoyed, could sense it, because the dog had been spending more time with Axel.

When Axel didn't move from his seat, Christina sat up. "Axelllll!" She whined, clutching one of the pillows. Axel's tired eyes refused to look at her, and instead, they were focused on the television screen. He really wasn't in the mood for her shit now. Already that morning he'd been doing everything while Christina went out with her girlfriends to hang and shop.

Irritated, she threw the pillow in her hands at him. It bounced off harmlessly, but it definitely irritated Axel further. "AXEL!" She screamed.

Axel got off his chair, whipping around. "God fucking dammit Chris, you're acting like a fucking spoiled child! I'm your boyfriend, not your servant! Honestly, this entire goddamned week I've been doing everything while you just go out and get fucking drunk as hell! Can't you do something for once instead of just going out, spending all your money, then coming back and expecting me to treat you like a fucking princess? Jesus Christ, you're awful!"

At that, Christina's face darkened. She herself stood up, her fists clenching. Axel gave her closed fists a condescending glance. "Oh, so now you want to hit me?" He challenged.

"You. Are the WORST boyfriend ever!" Christina screamed. "Ugh, none of my friends's boyfriends treat them like this! What did I do to get you?"

"I could say the same damn thing back at you, you child. Maybe your friends's boyfriends don't treat them like that, because they're not fucking whiny bitches like you!" Axel retorted. God, he was going to set something on fire. His hands were already sparking and he had to hold back the urge to just burst the damned house into flames.

Christina's mouth fell agape and she bent down, swiping her wallet from the table. At the same time, she threw the photo frame holding the picture of the day they got Rissie off the table, completely throwing a tantrum. Axel stepped back, watching her with irritated eyes. If only he had kept Rissie closer, because the next thing he knew she had snagged Rissie's collar and was pulling the Samoyed out of the door with her.

God dammit. The front door slammed and Axel went bolting for it, hoping to be able to get Rissie back. By the time he was out on the driveway, Chrstina had shoved the barking dog into her car and was already driving off.

"Fucking hell, Christina!" Axel roared after her. He knew he couldn't chase the car, and even if he did catch up she'd probably just ram the damn thing into him. Well, at least she'd left the house keys behind, so now he had the house to himself. Fuck her. She wasn't worth his time. With the car gone down the road, there was nothing left for him outside, so he disappeared back into the house, trying to keep himself from burning the place down.

For an hour Makina had spent his time exploring the files of the computer, trying to decode everything he saw. All the numbers, they had to make sense. Frustrated, he pushed away from the computer. There was no application that could read the text file with his serial number on it in such a way that it would make sense, no. Everything was just a huge mess of symbols that didn't seem to read as anything. Some were just black squares, others were letters with funny symbols on them and others were just plain weird.

He let out an irritated screech, flinging himself back at the computer. "Why can't these make sense? Why? What has all this got to do with me?" He sat down, staring at the lit screen. Medibot was starting to get concerned, maybe they should go elsewhere, search for something else and come back to it later. Makina stressing out over it wouldn't help them.

"I think ve should, ve should come back later. Zhere's still a lot to explore in zhis place so…" Medibot trailed off, unsure of what to say anymore. What was there to say? If Makina was intent on staying he likely would have. The Sniperbot seemed to think things through, and considered Makina's idea. He got up, turning off the monitor.

"You make a point. We'll go see if anything else in this damn place makes any sense." It seemed like he had forgotten about the documents he was sent to find, and instead now had been absorbed into the mystery of the place itself. He adjusted the rifle across his back and made his way to the other side of the room where a door, hopefully unlocked, waited for them. It opened up with a gentle nudge. Beyond was a platform drilled into the wall, going right to a lift that went down.

Great, down again, right when they were trying to go up. It didn't seem like there was another place to go, so they took the lift and let it take them to wherever it went. The lift stopped right at a wide space. The air above was open yet dense, the floor flattened out with cement. Two large pillars framed the space and held up several bars, as if the area was an unfinished build site. The metal bars suspended across the pillars were rusted and bent, and the pillars themselves cracked and stained with dirt.

The bots tilted their heads up to scan the area. Nothing of interest, it seemed, but at the same time there was an air of mystery that called to them, like there was something to explore further up, if they could just get up there. There was no visible staircase or ladder, or any means of getting up except pulling themselves up by the metal bars, though they weren't sure if the bars would hold under their weight.

Makina gave Medibot a look and the bot shied away. "Oh no. I am not going to go up there. I have a single wheel, and you have legs." His gaze redirected to a rope that seemed to hang out from a small dip in the wall. It looked like it led further in, though with the mist that clouded over everything there was no telling. "You could go up to zhat chamber and throw zhe rope down, then pull me up. Or you can just go on your own and come back later an tell me what you've found."

Makina's eyes fixated on the rope as well. It was plausible, to go up there and see what there was. He nodded. "Okay, fine. But I need your help in getting onto the first bar." Medibot rolled to the base of the first bar, Makina clambering onto his shoulders. He got a grip on the first bar and pulled himself up, swinging his leg over so that he sat across it. With help from the bar above his head, he managed to pull himself into a standing position, and began to shimmy across the thin beam.

Medibot watched with interest as Makina climbed up beam by beam, occasionally having to pause to regain his balance or to make sure the metal bar wasn't going to break under his weight. In little time he had made it up to the top bar, slowly sliding along till he stood in front of the chamber with the rope hanging out it it.

"Anyzhing of interest?" Medibot called up. Makina either couldn't hear, or he was blatantly ignoring Medibot. There was no response from the Sniper, but Medibot could see him reach a leg across to step onto the inward ledge. He leaned forward and pushed his body into the chamber, falling flat on his chest.

The chamber was a square space, the rope having been tied to a D ring drilled into the floor of the chamber. It sloped downwards like a slide, but there was no telling what was below. The chamber was lit with dim, orange lights but there was nothing else of interest. What was below, however, seemed fairly interesting.

"Well there's nothing in here, but there's something below so I'm gonna go down, okay?" Makina called.

Medibot didn't catch what he said. "What?"

"I said, there's something below so I'm gonna go down!" Makina yelled. His words were lost again to the wide space, so Makina just gave up and went down. He pressed his hands against the walls and inched his way down, his foot catching onto small footholds and ledges when he could to make sure he didn't have to deal with the drop.

Once he was low enough, he let himself fall through the chamber and land onto the hard ground below. Around him was a wide factory area. It looked very similar to the one in Gray's building goodness knows how many floors up, but everything was older and the machines were bulkier. Finally something of interest.

He got off the floor and onto one of the raised walkways, wandering around for a bit. There was no solid proof of what had been built, but Makina could make a general guess it was machinery of some kind. Drills, saws, and screws littered the floor, some of them broken and others still in one piece. How nice.

Makina bent down to scoop a screw off the floor. It looked comparable to the ones that kept his body together, just a bit bigger and a hell lot rustier.


Makina spun around as he heard a buzz behind him. There was nothing, so maybe it had been one of he machines. Slowly, he wandered towards the source of the sound. It didn't sound again, but he wanted to just be sure he wasn't imagining things.


He was on the right track, because on the floor, hidden under a box, was a head. A robot head.

Danger Zone - Chapter 5
Ohh yeah. Ohhhhhhh yeah. Write ins make me really productive, don't they?

Horst and his cutie Schnaps belong to the lovely Derwen 




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